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About us

Lash Boom is a brand built by a professional lash artist and beauty enthusiast who is passionate about art, design, fashion, and technology. An ambitious entrepreneur who set out to create an exciting world of high quality lashes, lash products, high lash standards, and cute branded merch for her customers to rock 💖.

Our goal as the industry underdog is to bring exclusive luxurious lashes to Canada. We provide premium lashes and lash products you won't find anywhere in the world. Our wide selection of lashes offer various volumes, curls and lengths to choose from. Our mission is to design and develop unique products that use natural, high-quality ingredients and premium formulation.

We aim to provide exceptional service that is innovative and convenient for our customers. We strive to make our packaging environmentally friendly, and produce products that are cruelty-free and not animal-tested. 

Note: Luxury strip lashes look good and feel comfortable on the eyelid.

We specialize in all things lashes!

Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Lashes Tailored to Your Unique Eye Shape!

We cater to all eye shapes including downturned eyes, monolids, and mature eyes. We offer different lengths for certain lash styles as well, and we are the first lash brand in the entire world to introduce this feature. This means whether you want different lengths of your favourite lash style, or have unique lash requirements based on your eye shape, age, or daily routine, either way, you can find everything you're looking for right here. We're keen on catering to all eye shapes.

Our signature style: Lash designs that look fluffy, curly, and dark. That is why we design most of our lashes using our signature look; mega and volume effects with C, CC or D-curls, perfect for the fluffiest looking, high-quality lashes.

We also use classic and hybrid effects with B-curls to cater to clients who require less thickness effects and curls due to their eye shape.

Note: Luxury strip lashes are more durable and last more uses if properly cleansed and maintained.

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“Why choose us?”

Our strip lashes are known for their style, quality, durability and longevity. We use two materials for our strip lashes; sterilized Siberian luxury mink, and premium synthetic faux mink. Our faux mink lashes go through a special process to mimic real mink giving them their natural look and feel. Each lash strip is handmade using anti-allergic cotton bands to provide supreme comfort on the eye for an all-day wear.

Thank you for letting our lash professionals take care of your lash needs.