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At Lash Boom, we embrace diversity in eye shapes, including downturned eyes, monolids, and mature eyes. Setting a global standard, we are proud to be the pioneering lash brand to introduce customizable lengths for specific lash styles. This groundbreaking feature allows you to tailor your lashes to perfection, whether you desire varying lengths of your favorite style or have unique lash needs based on your eye shape, age, or daily routine.

Note: Luxury strip lashes are more durable and last more uses if properly cleansed and maintained ♥

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Our strip lashes are known for their style, quality, durability and longevity. We use two materials for our strip lashes; sterilized Siberian luxury mink, and premium synthetic faux mink. Our faux mink lashes go through a special process to mimic real mink giving them their natural look and feel. Each lash strip is handmade using anti-allergic cotton bands to provide supreme comfort on the eye for an all-day wear.

Let our lash professionals take care of your lash needs ♥ 

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Lash Boom blends art, design, and technology, offering top-tier lashes, innovative products, and chic merchandise, all empowering our customers to shine. 💖 Our mission: Introduce exclusive luxury lashes to Canada, unmatched globally. Our diverse collection covers volumes, curls, and lengths, catering to every preference. We craft timeless essentials with natural, high-quality ingredients, ensuring enduring and distinctive results. Innovation and convenience are our priorities, delivering exceptional service. Our commitment to sustainability includes eco-friendly packaging and cruelty-free products.

We celebrate beauty responsibly and passionately ♥