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Every beauty enthusiast knows lash glue is a staple product when it comes to strip lashes. In other words, it's a must have. 

Our new and improved lash glue has arrived! Watch out world! With this glue our customers can expect high end quality performance. It may be white but it dries clear, which is a great visual notification showing when the glue starts to get tacky / sticky on the lash strip, and lashes are ready to be applied onto eye lids.

Some other lash glues only give a strong hold when you apply a thick amount of glue on to the lash strip. You don't need to apply a thick amount on to your lash strip with our glue, in fact, a thin layer will do perfectly fine.

Applying a thin amount of glue to the lash strip avoids the glue from bleeding in to your eyes, gluing eyes shut, or even becoming messy and ruining the rest of your eye makeup.

Who doesn't want a glue that gets tacky fairly quickly (15-20 seconds), and only needs a thin layer of application on the lash strip for all-day insanely-strong hold!

Moreover, our lash glue follows all of Health Canada's Cosmetic Regulations, just like the rest of our products. Our lash glue is not animal tested and the ingredients are cruelty-free. This product is vegan friendly.

When we create our products, we always keep high quality, comfort and durability in mind, but don’t take our word for it, try it out yourself.

Our lash glue’s hold has been tested to last up to 3 days of continuous wear. It is also sweat, water and wrinkle proof!

Size: 10ml
Colour: White - Dries clear
Tacky in: 15-20 seconds, fast drying

Ingredients: Acrylates copolymer, Aqua, latex free, waterproof. *Premium Korean Glue* Korean formula.

Caution: Although our products are safe, we always recommend and advise everyone to test a small patch of any cosmetic product, especially lash glue’s and adhesives, on back of hand to see if there’s an allergic reaction. If there is, please stop using immediately. Keep product away from children.


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