Shortie, 12mm

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This gorgeous natural lash style is perfect for those who want everyday lashes. It's cat-eye design is beautifully handcrafted on a soft anti-allergic cotton band using clusters of slightly shorter and longer D-curls.

Please be advised that this lash style is very natural, light weight and comfortable on the eyes. If you need lashes that will blend in with your real eyelashes, we highly recommend “Shortie”. 

Material: Luxury Mink
Length: 12mm
Volume type: Mega volume
Curl type: D-curl
Shape: Cat-eye
Design: Clusters of shorter and longer lengths

This style is one of our brand's personal favourites and we highly recommend it for:
- Downturned eye shapes
- Monolid eyelids
- Mature eyes
- Those who want shorter lashes in general
- Those who want everyday natural lashes

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